Welcome to calcy

Note: Under active development. Going to release very soon..

Bored with normal calc app in the windows, I thought of developing a desktop app for myself. I wandered through the sites trying to find one that can teach me “ How to develop a desktop application? ”. Finally I found a way and achieved my goal of developing a Cool-looking calculator app.

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This app helps you to do basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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For the next

After deploying the calcy app, I've another problem. When I was out and in need to do some calculations, then I use others laptop or the office desktop. Again I want to use my self-developed & customised calcy.

And you know what, I have developed it for the web too...

Here's the link Visit site

A Bonus

In addition to a desktop or mobile browser, I have used a new concept of PWA(Progressive Web Apps) to make it installable on the mobile too. Here's how — Watch it now